Product Description

  • - Virgin Remy black hair processed for texture only
  • - No dyes, no hennas, no colors of any kind
  • - Highest quality hair, no damaged hair, no synthetics or blends
  • - Hair able to withstand color processing by professional clients
  • - Hair to remain tangle free after 100 shampoos
  • - Curl pattern to the hair tips, no straight tips or over processed hair tips.
  • - No removing of cuticles, no coatings on hair
  • - Every piece with same basic textures, with accurate and consistency.
  • - Hair weight: 100gram or 110gram
  • - Hair length: 12" to 28”


  1. Can I flat iron my curly hair?

    Yes! Quality curly hair can be flat ironed. The curl bounces back easily with a cold wash out but be advised extreme heat can alter curl pattern after extended periods of straightening.
    2. Can I color my virgin hair?
   Yes! Virgin Indian Hair can be colored. However, it is recommended that a colorist and/or licensed professional hair stylist is used.

   3. How much hair is needed for a full sew in?

  How much hair required for a full sew in is based on your preference of how thick you would like your hair to appear. A full sew in usually requires 7-8oz of hair to achieve natural fullness. We suggest you buy at least (2) bundles of hair.


If you plan on wearing your hair in the ocean or salt water, be sure to condition before. Salt water and chlorine dries your hair out, because it is raw it reacts exactly like your own hair would. Make sure to you nourishing or neutralizing shampoo and conditioner.